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Navigating the cultural divide between employers and veterans


  1. Training
    Choose from the ala carte menu of workshops for a 3-hour deep-dive session. Investment: 1 Workshop - $3600 2 to 5 workshops - $3200 (each) All 6 workshops - $18,000
  2. Speaking
    Book Dave for a speaking gig at your business, association or event. Navigating the Civilian-Military Divide is a 60-90 minute presentation. Investment: $2400
  3. Coaching
    One-on-one coaching to find your next mission in life. Active Duty Military/Vets in Transition - No cost! Investment: Non-veterans, employed vets: $1000 for 4 weekly sessions
  4. Consulting
    Development of veteran-specific retention strategies based on the unique needs of your organization. Investment: Varies based on the scope and value of project. Flat fee, no hourly rates