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Navigating the cultural divide between employers and veterans

Employers and Human Resources

Exclusively for employers with 700 employees or less


Why should you subscribe?

 For a fraction of the cost of an HR or dedicated Wellness professional (and a traditional consultant) get access to in-depth know-how for your corporate fitness/wellness program.  For small monthly fee get unlimited access to DHBeadle Wellness Consulting on-line through an exclusive Facebook group.  We take you beyond the typical checklist of what to do and actually support you through the entire development and implementation process.  Take advantage of our peer network for even greater learning and support.  Membership limited to companies of 700 or fewer employees.  
  • Do you lack knowledge about wellness and how to implement - facing a steep learning curve?
  • Is HR already burdened with high-priority traditional HR duties with wellness as an afterthought?
  • Do you lack resources & budget for programs let alone for consultants?
  • Are your benefits & insurance brokers providing some strategic guidance but stop well short of implementation and on-going support?
  • Subscribe through Paypal today and your first month is only $40!
Try it for your first month for only $40 bucks!