We believe that the incredible value veterans can bring to an organization is often unrealized because of the cultural mismatches that exist between the 1% who have served and the 99% who have not. We further believe that this leads to increased turnover, costing employers money and veterans their self-esteem…therefore, we have made it our mission to navigate the cultural divide to bring employers and veterans together to ensure the success for veterans in the civilian workplace, maximize the ROI for veteran hiring initiatives and reduce the risk and cost of veteran turnover in the initial 24 months of employment.

Whether you are just beginning to tap into the veteran talent pool, or you have been hiring them for years, we partner with your Human Resources team to create a veteran-focused ecosystem to attract, hire and retain transitioning service members.

Our ecosystem – a data-driven, proven framework to bridge civilian and military cultures. We identify and analyze your:

  • current veteran population
  • hiring initiatives
  • onboarding process
  • retention practices

These become the building blocks to form a unique strategy with the right programs, training and  coaching to fit your culture. By leveraging our expertise as well as your HR team, we guide you along the path from merely veteran-friendly to veteran-focused, engaging and retaining veterans who are more loyal and out-perform their civilian

Having spent over 15 years in Human Resources for a Fortune 100 company, we know how challenging it can be for initiatives to succeed when HR lacks the time or context to implement effective programs. This is especially true in smaller organizations where HR professionals wear many hats. We provide an outside resource to ensure these efforts are successful and not burdensome to the current HR team.

This means you will maximize your investment in veteran hiring initiatives, be sought out as an employer of choice by the veteran community and enhance your public image.  Integrating veterans into your unique culture will give you a competitive advantage in the tight talent market.

About the Founder

As a US Marine Corps veteran, Dave Beadle is deeply passionate about the challenges faced by our service men and women who are making the transition from military to civilian life.

Since 2011, Dave has coached and mentored hundreds of transitioning veterans.  From his own transition experiences, Dave understands the challenges and what it feels like to just not “fit-in”.  

“As a USMC veteran, I have experienced many ups and downs on my personal transition journey, going so far as to have at one point removed my military service from my resume. As a post-Vietnam-era vet, I did not have any transition service available to me and I do not wish to see any current veterans feel they cannot represent their military service proudly to potential employers.”

Dave has served as a pro-bono coach and full-time paid staff as Director of People for The Honor Foundation, a unique transition institute serving the Special Operations community. He coached, mentored and helped place over 300 transitioning Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Army Green Beret and Delta Force members.

Dave’s continues to serve the San Diego military community by volunteering his time with several transition programs and as an advisor to local Chambers of Commerce. 

Dave is an expert in employee engagement and how organizations reflect and shape their cultures.  He has consulted with employers from start-ups to Silicon Valley giants on the value proposition of transitioning veterans.

Most of the transition services focused on the veteran stop the day they are hired by a civilian employer. Having seen high, early turnover firsthand, Dave knew that employers had a role to play to ensure veteran success on the job. The employer would benefit substantially by retaining this talent.

He is a sought-after speaker and trainer at the local and national levels.

Dave believes in integration of veterans vs. assimilation.  Integration allows for the best of both cultures to merge into a synergistic whole that delivers more value than a one-sided assimilation.  This strategy ensures veterans are successful in their next mission at your organization.