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Navigating the cultural divide between employers and veterans
Specializing in the Employer Side of Veteran Transition
Dave Beadle
Speaker | Trainer |Coach | Consultant 
​​As an employer - you want to hire veterans for their strong work ethic, ability to work under pressure, leadership, teamwork. You may even have hired several veterans already. 
What are you doing to retain this unique talent pool?   
As a military veteran, Dave is deeply passionate about the challenges faced by our service men and women who are making the transition from military to civilian life.  He was a key member of the team supporting Qualcomm’s Corporate Integration Program for Warrior Veterans (QCIP-Warriors) as a mentor, warrior manager, mentor lead.  As the Director of People for The Honor Foundation, he provided coaching and career services to the Special Operations community.
  1. "Veteran-Friendly" is not Enough!
    Too many employers use this as a PR tool - and veterans see right though it! Dave will move you from just being "veteran friendly" or "veteran familiar" to being "veteran attracting"
45% of veterans leave their first civilian job within 12 months​​

  • ​Veterans feel like cultural misfits
  • Hiring managers and teams don't understand veterans
  • Veteran skill sets undervalued
  • Employees don't relate to military veterans - no context
  • Misaligned values and expectations

This problem can be solved…with a plan.

Do your recruiters and hiring managers understand the value proposition of veterans for your company?​ 

Are recruiters trained in translating military skillsets – particularly soft skills – to job requirements?
What are your hiring managers expectations or biases when interviewing veterans?
Can your recruiters and hiring managers speak the veteran language?

How are you onboarding veterans?

  Do they have access to mentors?
  Is there an active Veteran Employee Resource Group?
 Do they receive guidance building networks within the company?
Veteran Integration Strategy Consulting

  Guidance for Employers Hiring Veterans

​​Only 32% of Employers have a Veteran-specific Retention Strategy
A veteran-specific retention strategy compliments veteran hiring initiatives

Does your retention strategy measure up?  
Employers have a role to play in assisting veterans make the transition to civilian employement.
Let Dave show you how by sharing best practices drawn from his own transition, from an insiders view of an award-winning veteran integration program and as a leader of career services for a unique transition institute serving the elite Special Operations community.